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Setting up my own racing program for 2017 was a little daunting at first. Organising a bike and equipment and all the little details along the way might have taken a bit of time and a lot of energy. But in the end, I’m extremely happy and grateful for how everything turned out. At the start of the process I was adamant on one thing, I had to look the part! That meant organising equipment that not only worked but was also ‘matchy matchy’. Because that’s the most important thing, right?

As my Norco Revolver FS for 2017 was black, orange and blue, and my Fox forks had orange accents, I decided to stick with those colours for my kit. With a colour palette set, it was time to start painting! Cycling kits can be pretty hit and miss, especially when you start adding in sponsor requirements, “But that logo doesn’t match my colour palette!” things like that. Again, the important stuff. To help me on my journey to colour coordination, I was over the moon to work with Nat from Spin Cycle Clothing. Spin CC comes out of design HQ in Adelaide and is built around designing fully custom kits for all. Whether it’s a one-off kit to impress your mates or decking out a new wardrobe for a team.


As you can see from my ‘expert’ drawings, my first designs were a little rough! But I knew what I wanted in terms of colour and general patterns and it was now a case of back and forth conversations with Nat about how best to get to the end of the adventure and find my dream kit. The hard part was imagining the ‘dream world kit’ out in the ‘real world’, on a start line or flying through the air out on the trails. This is where Nat’s experience comes in and we were able to hone in on a kit design that I loved on paper and would continue to love in ‘real life’.


As any cyclist would tell you, the design can be one of the finest examples of abstract expressionism, but if the kit is uncomfortable, it will probably end up in the bin. That’s why Spin Cycle Clothing look under the hood when crafting your cycling kit and let you choose the chamois and material that best suits your needs. Need aeroness for TT performance? Done. How about an all day comfort fit? Done. If you’re going all day you’ll probably need a thick chamois that is positioned for upright riding comfort. But in the aero position the requirements change and you want a more aggressive chamois (BTW the chamois is that padding thing that goes under your bum). They even have a chamois for the specific requirements of a mountain bike ride!



With the hard part of designing and painting done, it’s time for the magic to happen and kit to be created. Opening the big box of goodies when it arrived and seeing how the kit turned out was like Christmas! The kit looked awesome and just how I wanted it. The test on the eye was one thing, the next test was on the body. I was again stoked to find the fit was perfect and after a full racing season that included a MTB stage race and a whole heap of National and World Cup XCO races that feeling hasn’t changed. The best part of this whole thing? Seeing photos of yourself in a custom kit that nobody else has! Probably pretty shallow, but damn, looking good feels good!

If you’re looking for a great custom designed kit, head over to Spin Cycle Clothing and get started!

Ad – Spin Cycle Clothing is a great sponsor of mine for the 2017 season and the kit is a part of that sponsorship.

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